March 29, 2022 3 min read

As warmer weather approaches, now is the time to find the best go-kart for your kids. With a variety of styles and selections for a range of ages, you will certainly find the right one for them. When you see how much fun they are having, you will want one, too!


If you want to get your kids in on all the action, keep reading to find a go-kart that will bring them hours of outdoor fun. Take a look at all of the great options available by age.

1. Ages 10 to 30 Months

The developmentally agile BERG GO² is a 2-in-1 ride-on to pedal car. This multi-talented vehicle gives your child the option of first scooting with their feet to learn how to propel themselves forward and backward manually. Once they have mastered that milestone, simply fold the integrated pedals outward for a new pedaling experience. The pedal kart for kids will bring hours of fun for your kids both indoors and outdoors all year long.

2. Ages 2.5 to 6 Years

If your child is interested in a sporty pedal kart for kids, then look no further than the BERG Reppy. This fun first go-kart will transport their imaginations to the nearest race track. It has a direct drive system which allows for a smooth ride going forward and backward. Safety is at the forefront of this fun Berg pedal go-kart with an adjustable seat and a swing axle for easy road-gripping.

3. Ages 3 to 8 Years

The high-quality and in-demand BERG Buzzyhas a fun and ergonomic design. This Berg pedal go-kart is available in several colors and designs that are sure to please your kids. The four-wheeled configuration lends itself to greater stability when your kids are ready to race. The adjustable saddle, easy-grip steering wheels, and handlebars are added safety and convenience features.


The BERG Buddy go-kart is another popular choice in this age range. This pedal kart for kids offers a strong and supportive structure for safety and enjoyment. With all of the styles available, your kids will surely find one they enjoy looking at as much as they love riding it.

4. Ages 4 to 12 Years

The BERG Rally pedal go-kart has brake pedals along with the option to pedal both forward and backward with ease. The swing axis gives this heavy-duty selection stability and added safety. The adjustable seat and steering wheel accommodate many body types in this age range.

5. Ages 5+

The BERG Basic is a solid choice for fun and excitement in this age group. BERG Basics come in many colors that both the young and old will appreciate. Quality steering and high-performance maneuverability make it fun for everyone.


The BERG Off-Road has a larger frame than other models making it suitable for kids and adults. The wheel position affords you greater stability, and the adjustable seat means this go-kart will accommodate many body sizes.


The BERG Farm is also designed for ages five through adult. Its top-notch design means that you can use it professionally, and it has adjustable seating.


After you find the right Berg pedal go-kart for your kids - whether it’s the Berg Basic, the Berg Buddy go-kart, the Berg Buzzy, or any of our other high-quality products, contact our expert service personnel to answer any questions you may have. Our great team is ready to give you a wonderful purchasing experience. Let us help you have fun today!



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