Berg Extra Sport Blue BFR Pedal Go Kart-

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Berg Extra Sport Blue BFR Pedal Go Kart

Check out the Berg Extra Sport Blue BFR Pedal Go Kart and its sportier look with mudguard components! It features a brake-forward-reverse system that allows you to drive backwards. Simply let the kart coast or stand still after pedaling forward, then slightly move your legs in the opposite direction to start the breaking mechanism. After which, you may begin cycling in reverse. Hows that for a ride-on toy! It also features a parking brake for safety, along with air-filled pneumatic tires (15in in diameter). Moreover, its equipped with a swing axle for more control while on unsteady terrain. Its dimensions are 61in long, 32in wide and 34in tall, with a weight of 94 pounds. Its easy to maneuver and is durable enough for any season. So purchase a Berg Pedal Go Kart Extra Sport BFR today!

  • Dimensions Of Pedal Car For Kids: 61in x 32in x 34in / Weight: 94 Lbs
  • Go-Kart Boasts A Brake-Forward-Reverse System For Pedaling Backwards
  • W/ Air-Filled Pneumatic Tires 15 Inches In Diameter
  • Includes Swing Axle For Unsteady Terrain
  • Recommended For Children Ages 5 Years and Above

Warranty on frame: 2 Years