Best Ride On Cars 4-in-1 Mercedes Stroller Ride-On Toy Push Car-White

4-in-1 Mercedes Stroller Ride-On Toy Push Car

Best Ride On Cars 4-in-1 Mercedes Stroller Ride-On Toy Push Car has all the features for your littlest car fanatic. This ride-on toy is ready for every stage of life, from their first outing until they're ready to scoot along on their own. The rugged plastic body has the authentic look of a Mercedes with the badges and styling that you'd expect. At first, they'll have a kid friendly seat with high arms and a push-handle so Mom and Dad can be in charge as they go out for a spin. As they get older the side-arms can come off, and eventually, you'll be able to take off the small seat and let them push themselves around under their own power. This car also includes removable rockers that let you turn their ride into a rocking toy. An upgraded battery powers the headlights, and you've even got a range of realistic colors to choose from.

Set your toddler up for fast-paced fun by strapping her into this Mercedes-modeled push car with working LED lights. Equipped with a removable stroller, this push car also lets you take your toddler on the ride of her life each time you go for a walk.

    • The steering has controls for multiple music choices, have storage space underneath the seat
    • Pedal-less ride-on car perfect for babies as they cannot pedal for riding
    • High quality and durable plastic parts for safety and for withstanding the weight of kids upto 15kg
    • Suitable for 12- 24 months Age

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