AnyHill UM-1 Portable Electric Scooter

Portable Electric Scooter

The AnyHill UM-1 Portable Electric Scooter lets stability guide the ride with a scooter that is reliable, efficient, and a joy to use. The UM-1 nails its assignment as a budget scooter by delivering on every plane that we’d expect from a $599 purchase. Combining a sleek design with a user-friendly set-up, simple one-click folding mechanism, and surprisingly strong brakes, the UM-1 lets simplicity reign supreme. But most importantly, this scooter sports a valuable LG battery that is usually found in scooters of a much higher price tag. The LG battery treats you to hundreds more charge cycles than the average Chinese battery, creating a scooter that is durable and cost-effective. Overall, its performance, portability, and value for money aid its status as one of our favorite budget buys.

  • Powerful Motor -UM-1 has a front hub motor with up to 650W output power (rated 350W), boosting the e-scooter to a max speed of 16mph.Tackles 15% steep hills with ease. UM-1 for adults can easily accommodate a max load of 220-250lbs.
  • LG Battery Cells - The battery pack (36V/7.8Ah) is equipped with LG battery cells which can achieve max range of 16-20 miles at ease under various conditions.
  • Multiple Safety Protection - This UM-1 electric scooter is equipped with a triple braking system for more stable braking(Ebrake+Physical brake + Automatic Power Cut-off ). Equipped with a K-Mark (StVZO) complied headlight, taillight , braking light, plus thereflectorsand a ring bell, the riding safety can be double secured.
  • Patent Fast-folding Mechanism and Lightweight - UM-1 features a patent fast-folding system which can be easily folded and unfolded for peace of mind. With a total weight of 29lbs, AnyHill UM-1 can be taken into public transportation,metro station, elevator or stored in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly. Good choice for city commute. 
  • Comfortable and Safe- With advanced 8.5" shock-absorbing and anti-slip pneumatic tires, UM-1 can make your ride smooth on various terrains. The 5.7” anti-slippery FDA rubber deck and handlebar grips provide extra comfort and safety for riders.
  • APP Supported - With the AnyHill App (Bluetooth Connectivity), the UM-1 can achieve smarter control from you finger on theridingspeed, battery life, and locking the scooter.
  • Quality Assurance and Certification: UL, FCC, UN38.3, and RoHS.
  • Dimensions (L×W×H) 40.5×16.9×44.9(in)
  • After Folding (L×W×H) 40.5×16.9×16.5(in)
  • Item Weight (lb) 29.7LB
  • Load Range (lb) 265 - 300(lbs)
  • Rider's Age 14+
  • Body Length(ft) 3.9 - 6.5(ft)
  • Max Speed(mph) Approx. 16mphGeneral Range (mile) 16-20 miles
  • Max Climbing Angle (%) 15
  • Operating Temperature 14 - 104 (°F)
  • Storage Temperature -4 - 113 (°F)
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Rated Voltage (VDC) 36
  • Max input Voltage (VDC) 42
  • Rated Capacity (Ah)/(Wh) 7.8 / 270
  • Rated Power (W) 350
  • Max Power (W) 650
  • Max Torque (N.m)/( 22N.m/ 16.23ft.lbOutput Power (W) 71
  • Input Voltage (VAC) 100 - 240
  • Output Voltage (VDC) 42
  • Output Current (A) 1.7
  • Charging Time(FULL)(h) Approx. 5
  • Charging Time(80%)(h) Approx. 4



AnyHill owns a US-based service center for after-sale service, and provides a 90 day to 1 year warranty for different parts.