BERG Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go Kart-

Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go Kart

This is Berg Buzzy Nitro, an elegant ride that will help your child in the pedal and look good while doing it. With these bright orange wheels, monster mini wheels and a real blue suspension, all eyes will be on them! With its adjustable headrest and seat, the pedal card is recommended for children from 2 to 5 years. Stable and durable machine is designed to last and can be transferred to your family while children grow. It helps small children learn to pedal on a trusted platform, preparing them for success in future cycling or pedaling projects. With advancement and retraction and four wheels to ensure stability, children will have a neighbourhood explosion or family outings. With on-road and off-road capabilities, BERG Buzzy Nitro Go-kart can take your child wherever he wants to go. EVA tires, avoid tapping and silent to make noise at a fun level for everyone.


  • All children can easily learn the pedal thanks to direct transmission and unique ergonomics.
  • Always check the steering wheel and pedals, as they can be used independently.
  • Silent EVA silent rims that will never be replaced.
  • Four wheels and an oscillating shaft hold firm ground.
  • Easy pedaling due to ball bearings and unique ergonomics.
  • Grow with you thanks to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle wheel.
  • You can drive back and forth.


Every child learns to pedal super easily due to the direct drive and special go-kart design

No more deflated tyres

Flat tyres are definitely a thing of the past on a BERG Buzzy with EVA whisper tyres.

Stability is playing safely

The BERG Buzzy remains firmly on the ground thanks to four silent whisper tyres and the swing axle.

The Buzzy grows along with your child

The go-kart grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheels and saddle. Suitable for children aged 2-5 year.


Buzzy Nitro

Art. Nr:  

Model: BERG Buzzy Nitro

Age: 2-5  

Made of plastic and steel

Dimensions (lxwxh): 83x49x50 cm     

Product weight: 7 kg          

Max. User weight: 30 kg    

Tyres: EVA      

Parental supervision necessary: Yes     Indoor and outdoor use: Yes 

TUV certified: Yes

CE certified: Yes



Warranty on frame: 2 Years