BERG Girls Buzzy Bloom Pedal Kart-

 Girls Buzzy Bloom Pedal Kart

For the younger kids we have the BERG Buzzy Bloom! This lovable searching go-kart with an accessible garage basket at the front is right for taking your toys with you and snacks. The BERG Buzzy Bloom Go-Kart is a fantastic way for your kid to experience all of the pleasure and fun that includes driving around on your go-kart. The Buzzy variety by means of BERG has been designed to be utilized by kids as from 2-5 years. Your children’s feet will continue to be on the pedals even if turning a corner, supporting them to examine the ideas of biking.

 The Buzzy Bloom has been designed for little girls in thoughts with its white wheels, red rims, blue frame with flower and butterfly graphics and a stunning red basket on the handle bars .

 This Go-Kart has an exceedingly strong frame,  making this a good deal more strong than your common four wheel tricycle. The whisper-quite EVA tyres makes pedalling mild and clean for little legs. The complete adjustable take care of bars and seat, in this way the Go-Kart will grow along with your baby.


  • Every child learns to pedal amazingly effortlessly due to the direct transmission and precise ergonomics.
  • Silent EVA whisper tyres so one can never cross flat.
  • The 4 wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and competently.
  • Super mild pedalling because of ball bearings and specific ergonomics.
  • Can be driven backwards and forwards.


Easy to handle, easy to master.

All children can easily learn to drive thanks to direct handlebar and special machine design

No more deflated tires

Deflated tires are definitely a thing of the past in the BERG Buzzy Bloom with EVA tires.

The BERG Buzzy Bloom remains firmly on the ground with four tires Buzzy grows up along with your child

 The full adjustable handle bars and seat means this Go-Kart will grow along with your child. Suitable for children between 2 and 5 years.


  • Save the user manual for future reference
  • Supervision over kids is mandatory
  • This product cannot be used on public roads


Technical Details

Made of plastic and steel

Features: Adjustable Seat

 Art. Nr:

Model: BERG Buzzy Bloom

Age: 2-5

Dimensions (lxwxh): 33 L x 19 W x 20 H inches 

 Product weight: 15 pounds      

Max. User weight: 66 pounds 

Tyres: EVA      

Colour: Pink, Yellow

Parental supervision necessary: Yes    

Indoor and outdoor use: Yes

TUV certified: Yes    

CE certified: Yes  


 In order for your machine to have a long life span and to be still beautiful, you need some care. Keeping this in mind, we take care of your machine with this  maintenance tips.

Remove accumulated dirt in case on the surface of the machine, you can rinse it with a smooth towel and mild soap.

Avoid exposing  the machine to a high-temperature environment.

The machine can be used in different activities of your day. However, avoid using it when you engage in contact with sports that can cause violent or falling strikes and, as a result damage it.


Warranty on frame: 2 Years